Mark S. Durfee is a licensed investment professional located in the Halls Community of Knoxville, TN.  Mark offers solutions and the highest quality customer service to his client base. Mark has lived in Knox County for over 53 years and has been in the financial services industry for over 33 years. Mark is a Christian, a forgiven follower of Jesus Christ.  Mark values that to be the greatest decision he ever made.  Second to being a Christian, Mark is a husband, and deeply in love with his wife, Susan, for over 30 years.  He is a father to his three children, Elizabeth Ann, Brett and Amber, and enjoys watching them grow as they continue to make decisions more and more on their own.  Mark added a son-in-law, Grant Wishart, in March of 2020 and looks to 2023 to add a daughter-in-law, Keaton Hubbs, to the family.  In July 2021, Oliver, his grandson, was born and his eyes were opened to see God's world as never seen before.  Mark values his family as an extremely important part of his life and enjoys traveling and creating memories with them.  He enjoys reading James Patterson books.  He enjoys singing and worshiping at Salem Baptist Church.  He enjoys the hobby of collecting NFL football cards, as well as watching NFL games.  Mark enjoys exercising by playing golf and walking.

Mark's financial service industry experience began in downtown Knoxville at Home Federal Bank's Broker/Dealer (Home Financial Services, Inc.).   After leaving Home Federal Bank in 1996, Mark worked as an independent agent for a family-owned insurance agency in the property and casualty, as well as life and health insurance business.  At this same time, Mark rounded out his self-employed status, by providing financial advice for his clients.  In 1998, Mark began Durfee Financial Services to assist individuals in making decisions to help themselves and their families to become more financially secure through the help of his financial advising practice.

Mark's business has had many changes over the last 25 years.  He has added staff and watched some retire.  He has and continues to supervise financial advisors under his leadership.  He has kept his promise to financially advise David Lambert's investment book of friends and clients after the Lord “called David home” in May of 2021.  There continues to be “new doors” in Mark's life that he walks through as change occurs around him.   Through advice from his wife, family, friends and life councilors, Mark uses wisdom and prayer to guide him in the direction that is best for his business.

Mark's current broker/dealer, SagePoint Financial, has been pivotal in collaborating with Mark so that he may continue a profitable business and provide his clients the most comprehensive investment approach possible.  This approach helps to meet his client's financial goals and objectives.